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The following is a list of resources for the alpaca farmer. Getting the right information is key to making the right decisions. Here are some links that we have used to help us in our quest for success.


Basics of Alpaca Nutrition – Dr. Nancy A Irbeck


Alpaca Research Foundation

Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine


Health, Care and Management for Llamas and Alpacas

Alpaca Supplies and Gifts

Quality Llama Products

Useful Llama & Alpaca Items

Stevens Llamatique

QC Supply


Marty McGee Bennett – Camelidynamics

Veterinary Supplies

PBS Animal Health

Guard Dogs

Dog Owners Guide- Livestock Guard Dogs


Wilkins Livestock Insurers, Inc.

Prairie States Insurance Agency

Fiber Arts and Processing

Ohio Valley Natural Fibers

The Joy of Handspinning

Updated December 31, 2016